NOTV Visual Music DVDs

NOTV published 5 VISUAL MUSIC DVDs in cooperation with Universal Pictures Benelux. All DVDs feature leading Dutch VJs and DJs.


NOTV Visual Music #1
Various Artists

An 80-minute compilation of 13 of the best VJ/DJ combinations from Holland. Together these electronic visionaries have produced audiovisual cocktails that offer unprecedented experiences, not close to any TV art or entertainment format you have ever seen, but instead offer experiences you certainly will remember from the dance floor... An instant classic! 

This 80-minute DVD features the leading Dutch VJ / DJ-producer combinations: 

1 * Micha Klein vs Alain Eskinasi
2 * E202 vs Scientific
3 * Rocksteadyimages vs The Tomorrow People
4 * Vision Impossible vs MZR
5 * Lokman (alias Finister) vs Secret Cinema
6 * Nog Harder vs Lucien Foort
7 * Dadara & Jesse''s VFX vs Steve Rachmad
8 * Telco Systems vs Speedy J
9 * Stanzacrew vs Lo/Mechanik
10 * Captain Video vs Human Beings
11 * Danielle Kwaaitaal vs Dimitri
12 * Robotfunk featuring Zoe Xenia
13 * 7th Day vs 87 Central

Extras: Loop function, Visual browser, Program Functions, Shuffle Play. 

Running time: 80 minutes+
Extras: Loop function, Program Function, Shuffle Play
Specifications: Video format: PAL, Region 0 (worldwide), language: English




NOTV Visual Music #2
Various Artists

180 minutes of the best dutch underground clip culture on this fourth NoTV album "Practical Magic". So go and practice some magic with the Pioneer DVJ-X1! 

Twenty four Tarot Cards were distributed amongst VJs like hot cakes over the counter. The VJs chose their audio producers and created twenty four stunning new visual music pieces inspired by the card. 

The album was presented on June 17 at the World Wide Video Festival 2004 in Amsterdam.

So who are these magicians? Eat this: 

1 * E202 Musicvisualisers vs Scientific
2 * 7th Day vs 87 Central
3 * Ottograph vs Dexter
4 * Visual Girlbot Facility vs Michel Banabila
5 * Joris & Efrat vs Lounge Conjunction
6 * Ruben van Leer vs Colijn Buis
8 * Snow video vs SHIFTR
9 * C-Men vs Maniacsofnoise
10 * Phase 1 vs SPANKER
11 * Zafari vs Pussycat
12 * Urbi vs Orbi
13 * Sense vs Terry Toner
14 * Farewell vs Dupont
15 * Analog Recycling vs Jark Prongo
16 * Normal Motion vs David Labeij
17 * R.E.L vs DJ Boris feat. Patrick Herrikhuyzen
18 * Pistoire vs Eric de Man Connection
19 * Tarantula vs Le Clic (feat. Aron Friedman)
20 * Sir Geraint vs Vive La Fete
21 * Nitando vs Jay.Soul
22 * Super Electric vs STUV & Marynka
23 * 310 K vs 3 - 1
24 * Pulsatu (Drupsteen) vs Jacob Ter Veldhuis

Press quotes:
''NoTV proves again to be one of the most original organizations in Visual art, combined with electronic music. The DVD includes a lot of VJ power that will let your mind go insane. The music variates from minimal House to Techno. One of my favorite scenes is the one where the VJ tries to "Emulate" an Arcade-Game surrounding, very cool!'' 

Running time: 24 tracks, 180 minutes+

Specifications: Video format: PAL, Region 0 (worldwide), language: English



NOTV Barcode XL
Finister vs Secret Cinema

The award winning animation movie Barcode transformed into a blistering TECHNO VJ act. Be prepared to be blown away by this one!  

This CD/DVD album by Secret Cinema (aka Jeroen Verheij) and Finister (aka Adriaan Lokman) delivers what may be expected of it: a synthesis of tantalizing techno with 3D animation. It gives us a sneak peek into the future of dance. A future where combined visuals and sound whip up the dance floor to unknown heights: with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and outstretched screens projecting vast virtual dream worlds. 
On the DVD we fly away on a joyride of electronic sounds through a 3D animated universe in: BARCODE XL (60 minutes). 
Additionally we take a look behind the scenes of a live performance by Secret Cinema and Finister during the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2003 in: BARCODE Live (45 minutes). 

And we will see how it all started: in the animation shortfilm "BARCODE The Movie" (approx. 10 minutes) that won the worlds most prestigious awards.
For the VJs an extra has been added that will allow them to take the ride into their hands: 20 BARCODE VJ loops.
Last but not least: a spectacular live CD album: "Secret Cinema Live in Dublin" accompanies the DVD on the Bonus CD (72 minutes).

For the past 25 years, Jeroen Verheij a.k.a. Secret Cinema has consistently been regarded as one of the Netherland’s, if not the world’s top techno producers and live acts. During this time he has produced some of the biggest techno anthems including Timeless Altitude, Sonar System, Mary Go Wild and two of the popular tunes on Sven Vath’s Cocoon Records – Shake Your Tech Ass & Kurzweil. For 25 years he has headlined many of the world’s biggest festivals including the Awakenings Festival (a spot that only Secret Cinema, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Dave Clarke have held since its inception).

The short film "Barcode" won the following awards:

🌿 GRAND PRIX 2002 - Festival international du film d''animation Annecy, France
🌿 GRAND PRIX 2002 - Holland Animation Film Festival Utrecht
🌿 SPECIAL RECOGNITION - World festival of animated films in Zagreb, Croatia
🌿 BITFILM AWARD - Bitfilm Festival, Hamburg
🌿 SILVER DOVE - Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Films
🌿 JURY AWARD - New York Expo
🌿 PREMIO INNOVA - Animadrid

Running time: 113 minutes+

Extras: includes Audio CD (Secret Cinema Live in Dublin) and VJ loops.

Specifications: Video format: PAL, Region 0 (worldwide), language: English



NOTV HI&LO on tour
Danielle Kwaaitaal

Danielle Kwaaitaal is a pioneering VJ / Video artist whose work is exhibited in many museums, galleries and clubs both in the Netherlands and abroad. ''HI&LO on tour'' is an audiovisual portrait of today''s young generation - of special interest to this generation itself - in which the viewer is taken on a trip to four clubs in Istanbul, Helsinki, Paris and Amsterdam. At these clubs asked more than 120 young female clubbers to dance in front of the camera. Their facial expressions - shy, bold or seductive - say more than a thousand words.

HI&LO: an intimate and fascinating portrait in which cultural differences are revealed in a subtle way. The soundtracks were especially, at Kwaaitaal''s request, by prominent local DJs. Helsinki: Orkidea, Istanbul: Mahmut & Doruk, Paris: D''julz, Amsterdam: Kareem Raihani.

Running time: 80 minutes+

Extras: Loop function, The Making Of HI&LO

Specifications: Video format: PAL (16:9), Region 0 (worldwide), language: English





Fall & Rise of The Fools Ark
Dadara & Jesse vs Lamb & Hipoptimist 

A colorful surrealistic roadmovie playing on the background of the legendary USA Burningman Festival. The blending of film and animation provides a magic encounter of reality and fantasy, accompanied by the best tracks of Lamb and Hipoptimist. 

"Far away in the Unknown Territories still not discovered by the Evil Eye of the Kingdom of Greed, a few men are building an Ark to save the few fools left on earth from corporate evil...the Greymen, eliminating all fun, humor and creativity on earth. Searching for the Hidden Treasure, they embark on a long and dangerous journey, crossing the Transatlantic Red Ocean, outclevering the creatures of Dragons Lake, barely avoiding crashing into Mount Titanic. Their battle is tough and not without danger, but unexpectedly a weird and colorful force helps the Ark to continue its journey through the clouds, granting wishes and desires to all aboard" 

The Fall & Rise of the Fools Ark is an enchanting animation movie by DADARA & JESSE accompanied by the music of LAMB and Andy Barlows new project HIPOPTIMIST. 

The colorful surrealistic roadmovie plays on the background of the legendary Burningman Festival in the USA. In a mix of realworld film and computer animations the movie tells the story of Greyman, king of globalism, starting a battle against the Fools Ark, a gigantic wooden ship which ends up in flames in the salt desert of Nevada. The blending of film and animation provides an audio-visual journey through long forgotten worlds: a magic encounter of reality and fantasy, accompanied by the best tracks of Lamb and Hipoptimist. 

Directed and Produced by DADARA & JESSE.

This album contains (partly remixed) worldhits of LAMB, plus 3 new (previously unreleased) tracks by Andy Barlow''s new project HIPOPTIMIST.

Voice-over by Barry Hay (Golden Earring)

Running time: 46 minutes+

Extras: VJ loops, trailer, 2 "Making of" slideshows.

Specifications: Video format: PAL, Region 0 (worldwide), language: English 

Extras: Dadara & Jesse VJ Loops; Fools Ark VJ Loops; 2 "Making Of" Slide Shows



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