Greenaway VJ Performance

On June 17 2005 Peter Greenaway, director of film classics like The Pillow Book, The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover, Prospero's books and The Tulse Luper Suitcases, demonstrated in Club 11 Amsterdam his first VJ performance during the NoTV CNCDNC visual art club evening.

On music by DJ Serge Dodwell (aka Radar), 'VJ' Greenaway used for his set a unique VJ system consisting of a large plasma screen with touchscreen, specially developed by technical partner BeamSystems. Utilizing this system, Greenaway projected the 92 Tulse Luper stories on the 12 screens of Club 11 in a multi-screen way and mixed the images 'live'.

The result was amazing: Greenaway rocked the crowd in Amsterdam's VJ temple "11", blending his avantgarde cinematographic imagery (taken from the Tulse Luper Suitcases movie) with the heavy movie score remix by DJ Radar. Mastering the giant touch screen the newborn 'realtime image conductor' Greenaway provided a totally new experience to the audience: Live Cinema was born.

The magnificent VJ debut of Peter Greenaway did not go unnoticed. As "real time image conductor" he finally freed himself from classic cinematographic linearity. With his outstanding cinematographic eye and energetic approach Greenaway won the respect of fellow VJs worldwide and hereby set the pace in the toplevel international VJ scene.

The tremendous succes of this performance made NoTV and Peter Greenaway decide to take the performance to a next level, and bring it to the international audience by starting the official "NoTV Peter Greenaway Tulse Luper VJ World Tour".

Greenaway's ground breaking original VJ Performance proved immensely succesful. After a challenging and exciting start in 2005 the tour travelled in 4 years to 14 countries: Australia, Belgium, Brasil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Film, video, music and crossover festivals hosted the 33 performances in classic and modern theatres, open squares, industrial halls, amphitheatres, concert-halls, opera-houses and musea.

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Photo impression of the Peter Greenaway "Tulse Luper" VJ Performance: 


Castle video installation

In 2011 Peter Greenaway & Saskia Boddeke presented a grand video installation at Castle Amerongen to celebrate the re-opening of the recently restored castle. Through sophisticated video projections the people were brought back to the castle for one day in history: 21 June 1680. In 37 minutes the story was brought on 23 different screens throughout the castle.

Concept & direction: Peter Greenaway & Saskia Boddeke
Line production: Annette Mosk
Lighting: Philips Lighting / Rogier van der Heide / Maarten Warmerdam / Lichtpunt
Technical production: Rembrandt Boswijk
Cast: Anneke Blok, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Kitty Courbois e.a.

A production of Kasteel Amerongen and NOTV. 



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