Cities change the songs of birds


2010 - 2011

A video opera about life on the fringe, based on speech melody from original sound bytes from homeless, drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes & prisoners.
All pieces come with simultaneously projected videos & text graphics, on 2 transparent projection screens: one behind the musicians and one between musicians and audience. 

"An unforgettably haunting, stunning, highly dramatic work that archetypally encapsulates urban realities in a powerful, in-your-face, yet compassionately consciousness-raising splendor, if such a modifier can be used for so disturbingly tight, tense, and terse a work. 

Mesmerizing music, pulsating throughout with rock and jazz elements, pop and rap, R&B and electronica. Music urbanly street-sinister, darkly noir, thrillingly full of men and menace, the saxophones so like the human voice, anguished or exultant. Music sharp and synchronized, on cue with the searing video, the one emphasizing the other, magnifying the riveting, arresting impact of the production. Music composed and performed with the technique and precision, aplomb and mastery that come from conservatory training, classical tradition, and evolved into the myriad breakthrough, modern directions of the twentieth century, its legacy becoming the music of our times, today’s contemporary artistic expression that transcends former, formal musical distinctions. Music as multi-media expression in performance, the new composer’s art."

Dianna Ch’an-Moriwaki, San Francisco, CA. USA

"JacobTV samples pop culture and gives it a melody." 

The New York Times 

"Jacob TV's "Cities Change the Songs of Birds" was the eye-popping, jaw-dropping highlight of the Club Contemporary Classical Festival's live line up. Gentle poignancy alternating with in-your-face outrageousness, music mixed with samples and multi-layered visuals offered up a feast for ears and eyes and plenty of food for thought."

Jennifer Dautermann, curator Club Contemporary Classical Festival, Berlin

 Jacob ter Veldhuis a.k.a. JacobTV


JacobTV: DJ - composer - lyrics
Jan Boiten: VJ
Jan Boiten & Jan Willem Looze: lighting & videos
Chris Weeda: sound 

The JacobTV Band:
Mete Erker, Bart Wirtz, Nils van Haften, Miguel Boelen: saxophones
Mick Paauwe: bass 
Arend Niks: drums
Lavinia Meijer: harp (see website) 

Photo impression: click here . 

60 to 90 minutes

TOUR: 2010 + 2011



Handelsweg 23
1422 DW Uithhoorn
The Netherlands

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