HIDE: a pursuit of identity going astray

Feature film & Live Cinema DJ/VJ project by NOTV

As a sequel to earlier highly successful NOTV Live Cinema VJ productions with Peter Greenaway, Anton Corbijn, Secret Cinema and JacobTV we now bring cinema to the international electronic dance music (EDM) live scene. With one of Holland’s highest acclaimed actors Hans Dagelet as lead character ‘HIDE’ is an innovative multi-screen thriller about faith versus free will - how a miraculous escape from one’s own body ends with an unexpected climax.

The feature film ‘HIDE’ is based on Goethe's "Faust" and Dennis Potter’s ‘Ticket To Ride’. The production will be brought as lineair theatrical version, with a complementary Live Cinema VJ version (60 min) with live onstage re-edit in cooperation with a leading electronic music DJ/producer.

Story : based on Goethe's "Faust" and “Ticket To Ride” by Dennis Potter
Format : feature film in theatrical version (70 min) and Live Cinema VJ version (60 min)
Visuals : single-screen (theatrical), or multiscreen projections with realtime edit (live)
Video : 4K UHD HDR video
Audio : 9.1 immersive 3D audio
Music : live DJ remix of film score and additional (music, effects) samples
Linear : theatrical (cinema, TV, VOD), film festivals, music festivals
Live performance : standalone or embedded in DJ live set, world tour concert halls / open air events
Broadcast : live & post digital broadcasting to homes, remote cinemas and concert halls

Cast : Hans Dagelet (lead)
Music : Jeroen Verheij a.k.a. Secret Cinema
Director : Jan Boiten
DOP : Reinier van Brummelen
Line producer : Karin S. de Boer
Producer : NOTV / Robert Koumans
Co-producers: Fu Works, Jan Doense & Herman Slagter, Potemkino
Live event recording director: Job Robbers
Facilities: United4all.nl, Wisseloord Studios


HIDE is a film produced for theatrical screening as well as onstage live performances.

The film will feature one of Holland’s highest acclaimed actors Hans Dagelet as lead character. The film is based on Goethe's "Faust" and the book “Ticket To Ride” by British writer Dennis Potter (The Singing Detective etc.), which was also the basis for our earlier theatre production using new innovative stage projection techniques. For this project a new script has been written with surrealistic thriller/suspense character. Video recording will utilise latest technology UHD equipment, amongst others 4K HDR cameras in combination with drones, multiple GoPro's etc. This allows splitscreen / multichannel projection for live screening. As an option breakthrough immersive 3D audio (MPEG-H) may be used for screening.

What makes this project unique is the fact that next to the theatrical version this film will also be produced as a "Live Cinema VJ" version. This means that next to the linear theatrical version (for standard screening) also a new edit will be made in which the film footage will be cut in many short loops and scenes, to be put on a multi-screen video-playout system (developed by NOTV). These "video samples" will be selected and mixed live on stage by the VJ, utilising a large touch-screen controlling which video samples are projected on the various screens. 

Essential is that the resulting repetitive short ‘video loops’ generate an ‘imagery rhythm/beat’. This allows for the DJ to complement the imagery with a realtime improvised music mix. Together this creates a spectacular and engaging DJ/VJ live set of +/- 70 minutes with high entertainment value. 

For the live audio remix the following sources are used: samples from the film score complementary audio samples (special live version music samples, re-edits en sound effects) plus new or existing music tracks produced by the DJ himself (so the show will carry his ‘audio signature’).

Each project delivers the following elements:

  1. HIDE film (70 minutes)
  2. live show (60 minutes)
  3. live show video recording for broadcast & streaming (60 minutes; optional extended “making of” music documentary)
  4. artist video clip 

What differentiates the Live Cinema VJ format from classic cinema is the fact that the music is no longer only a supplement to the film or vice versa. Instead, music and imagery now work seemlessly together, driving and inspiring each other, live on stage and with exciting interaction between VJ and DJ.

Peter Greenaway 'Tulse Luper VJ Performance'

NOTV has used this live interactive format earlier with filmmaker Peter Greenaway, Anton Corbijn, Secret Cinema and JacobTV, with breathtaking results. With the Greenaway VJ performance NOTV set the international VJ pace, touring the world doing 35 live shows, from Moskou to Rio, Barcelona, Milan, Brisbane etc., in venues varying from concert halls and opera houses to raves, musea, film and music festivals. The demand for the show was high, as this show premiered the live synthesis between film and music. Also the JacobTV performances toured worlwide. 

In a 'Live Cinema VJ' production it is essential that the imagery itself is of great quality and value, artistically as well as in plot/storyline. This is seldom seen in live VJ shows, as making film is an (expensive) art in itself and good quality is rare. Also combining film and music in a live setting requires vision, experience and special technology. NOTV has a unique and proven track record in the respect. Thereby we have developed the (realtime multiscreen playout) VJ touch control system being readily available.

In general the cooperation with the DJ can be done in multiple ways: the DJ/producer can compose/produce the film score himself, and create a live remix on stage interacting with the VJ who controls the video remix on stage, or the film score can be created by others, whereby the score is cut in audio samples, to be used live by the DJ creating his own live remix. The required preparation time for the DJ therefore strongly depends on the chosen production approach.

NOTV will develop and produce each Live Cinema VJ show in close collaboration with the participating DJ/producer, whereby the DJ can blend the Live Cinema VJ show into his own tour as stand-alone show or as filmic intermezzo in his existing set/show (justifying higher booking buyout fees).

NOTV can hereby deliver the VJ, or the DJ selects his own VJ. Alternative is to pre-produce a special linear (multi-channel) VJ-version of the film, whereby the DJ brings his (plug ‘n play) show live without an accompanying VJ. 

As a stand-alone audiovisual show this project brings the much-wanted innovation to the EDM scene, perfectly fulfilling the present demands by film and music festivals. As a spinoff the audiovisual content is now better suitable for (live or pre-recorded) digital streaming to homes, cinemas, special venues etc. in countries worldwide.

State-of-the-art technology is provided through our key partners United4all.nl (Rolling Stones, U2, Beyoncé; broadcasting/streaming/satlink), the legendary Wisseloord Studios, Job Robbers (live director; Skrillex, Armin van Buuren), Beamsystems (video control systems).

'HIDE’ will be the premiere of an annual series of special Live Cinema performances starting at Amsterdam Dance Event.





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